Thursday, December 15, 2016

An Unforgettable Experience

"This picture speaks to me of an unforgettable experience that came orchestrated by God alone. I was in an acoustically perfect auditorium fashioned in the trees, with rushing water as the background accompaniment, for a song that was being rendered by a small bird delivering a heavenly solo to an audience of one."

I am often reminded of this experience I had in Northern Alberta a few years ago. I was alone walking toward a waterfall when I just had to stop and listen to this bird. The area where I took this picture was so quiet, away from the many people who were visiting this beautiful area. I couldn't mistake this little *bird for anything else but a messenger from God. What a moment, definitely "orchestrated by God alone."

Six years ago I was in Southern Saskatchewan visiting the old farm where I grew up. As I drove up an old dusty gravel road a bird came and flew right along side of my vehicle, about 5 feet away from my side mirror. It must of flew along for at least a half mile before it flew off. At the time I knew it wasn't just a coincidence. It was another moment, definitely "orchestrated by God alone."

*The bird in the photo is the actual one I heard singing so beautifully that day!

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